July 19, 2018

Member of Parliament form Bia East, Richard Acheampong has said separating the Legislature from the Executive would help bring some sanity.

According the Bia East lawmaker, the current practice where Majority of the Ministers are taken from the legislature, promotes masters-servants relations and it is not the best for the legislature.

He added that separating the two arms of government, the legislature would become independent, that would allow members of Parliament represent their constituency properly and not having whips to whip them inline.

“Can you sit in cabinet take a decision and then come to the floor of the House and kick against your government”, he lamented.

He queried “if your party supports passing a legislation to recognize gay rights and your constituents are not in support of it, would you be able to kick against your party and government?”

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com