May 20, 2011

A rare scene was witnessed in Parliament when the Speaker of Parliament Justice Joyce Bamford Addo, angrily walked out of Chamber in Parliament House on Friday, May 20, over what she said was the NDC Majority’s disregard for her position.

The incident occurred this morning after the Deputy Majority Leader, Hon Rashid Pelpuo, refused to withdraw a statement he had made on the floor of the House, which the Speaker felt slighted about.

The NPP MP for Ahafo Ano South, Stephen Balado Manu had raised a point of order after the reading of the Business for the Week by the Majority Leader, Hon Cletus Avoka.

But Hon Rashid Pelpuo felt Hon. Balado Manu was out of order, when he made interjections without the Speaker’s attention.

Rashid Pelpuo quoted two Standing Orders of Parliament to support his point and reminded the Speaker of her responsibility to control proceedings in the House.

Justice Joyce Bamford Addo who obviously took exception to his comments asked Hon. Pelpuo to retract his comment and apologize to the House.

The Honourable MP remained adamant and rather explained that he was not making a personal comment but rather putting forward an observation that had been made by the Parliament of Zimbabwe.

Justice Bamford Addo who was annoyed at this point, stated that there was no way the MP could compare Ghana’s Parliament to that of Zimbabwe.

Story by : Kwadwo Anim/