March 23, 2020

Minority Chief Whip, Mohamed Muntaka has taken a swipe at the Speaker Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye for directing lawmakers, staff and Journalists on Friday, March 20, 2020 to wear facemask in parliament.

The Speaker’s directive came in the wake of the spread of the corona virus, and members have raise several issues indicating that MPs are at risk.

The Chief Whip made attempts to put his views on the directives of the Speaker on the floor but was not allowed.

“Putting on facemask is medically wrong, you need to ask those in the medical profession, you do that when you are taking care of affected persons. One needs to understand the wearing of the facemask otherwise you would be aggravating the situation”.

He further pointed out in an interview that MPs putting on the facemask keep talking and getting it wet, and at the same time touching in and putting in on their table in the chamber, “everybody is talking and still holding their facemask, you are going to increase the infection”.

“The Speaker himself was constantly holding his facemask, when you put it on you do not touch, the moment it is wet you need to remove it and dispose of it, meanwhile we have medical persons in the hospitals who need the facemask and are not getting it”.

He also added that it would be better to send it to the medical professionals, indicating that it was not his view he was expressing but putting out what the World Health Organization (WHO) is saying and it is at their website.

“Speaker Oquaye would not listen to me, he thinks the story I was about telling is not pleasant for him, what we do for our county sometimes makes me feel sad”.

He showed on his phone his point he was putting across on the WHO website.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/