September 18, 2017

Ranking member of the Committee of Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and Member of Parliament for the Tamale Central constituency, Alhaji Inusah Abdulai B. Fusieni is advocating the staffing of the proposed Office of Special Prosecutor with specialized skills sets to adequately perform the intended function effectively.

He was of the view that since the office is a specialized agency, the eventual Special Prosecutor must be allowed to identify and recruit staff with the requisite skills and knowledge on the subject of corruption if necessary from existing institutions to deliver the mandate for the betterment of the state.

Fighting corruption he noted is a difficult, hence the need to recruit people with the requisite skills and ability to investigate cases and enforce laws in the cases for which people are charged.

‘’The decision of whether to prosecute or not to prosecute is the cornerstone of any criminal justice system, the decision depends on a thorough investigative process’’…he said.

The Special Prosecotor’s Bill he said must provide an aura of protectability around the staff who recruited to assure the integrity of the office and reputation of the officers in the performance of their duties without fear or favour.

He said the law must give the special prosecutor that ability to appoint such caliber of people hence the Special Prosecutor must not be appointed by the President but by the Attorney General.

Alaji Fusieni made the call in an interview with ghanamps,com at the sidelines of the just ended two-day stakeholders conference hosted by the Committee on Constitutional. Legal and Parliamentary Affairs where some Civil Society Organisations have proposed a composition of a taskforce to compliments the office in the performance of its functions.

By Christian Kpesese/