June 25, 2024

Minister for Youth and Sports, Mustapha Ussif has outlined measures by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to ensure that the ultra modern sports facilities used for the African Games Accra 2024 are maintained.

Government invested large sums of money to boost Ghana’s sports infrastructure by building multi purpose sports facilities at the University of Ghana campus, as well as the Borteyman Sports Complex in Borteyman for the Games.

The facilities include the completion of the University of Ghana stadium, standard athletics and warm tracks, a rugby stadium – all at the University of Ghana, while a number of standard facilities, including swimming pool and it’s warm up pool, and multi-purpose domes were also constructed in Borteyman.

Addressing Parliament on Tuesday to give a report on the Games, Mustapha Ussif outlined measures to maintain the facilities to avoid them becoming white elephants.

For the facilities at the University of Ghana campus, he revealed that they will he handed over to the University of Ghana to manage it, as part of its facilities.

“The University of Ghana Sports Stadium and other auxiliary facilities at Legon will be transferred to the management of the University of Ghana,” he said.

For the Borteyman Sports Complex, the Sports Minister announced that the National Sports Authority, an agency of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, is currently managing it in the interim, adding that the Ministry is also considering proposals from the private sectors for a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement to manage the facilities.

Once certainty, however, is that the Borteyman Sports Complex is being turned into a University for Sports Development, which the Minister revealed, plans are underway.

“As was announced before the construction of the Borteyman facilities and the commencement of the Games, Government intends to convert the Borteyman Sports Complex into a University Sports for Development, for the long-term sustainability of these ultra modern facilities, ” he said.

” In this regard, a cabinet memo has been prepared and it is on its way to Cabinet for approval. Once it is approved, Mr. Speaker, I will return to the House for approval for the new University for Sports Development.’