December 17, 2014

Member of Parliament for Bekwai Constituency, Hon. Joseph Osei-Owusu says the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government listens to no one when it comes to stealing.

According to him, any attempt to rush into passing the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Development Agency (GYEEDA) bill will pave way for the ruling NDC government to loot state coffers again.

Speaking on Oman Fm’s Morning Show, Hon. Joe Osei-Owusu said, government’s determination to pass the bill in order to legitimize operations of GYEEDA is a smoke-screen because the activities of GYEEDA are under the control of a mandated ministry which is legalized by the constitution.

He again said that the issue with the bill is not the structure but rather the funding and lack of streamlining financial management within the law.

He said, a critical look at the bill will lead one to the realisation that it is a way for the NDC government to perpetuate fraud, adding that stealing is not a difficult task for them [NDC].

“The NDC we know, stealing is not a difficult task for them and so if the bill paves a way for them, they will steal again. They are not worried about stealing; in fact the current NDC is different, for them they don’t listen to anybody when it comes to stealing from state coffers; you can say whatever you want but once they’ve purposed in their minds to steal, they will steal”, he asserted.