Deputy Majority Leader
March 11, 2022

Deputy Majority Leader, Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin has said the Minority National Democratic Congress (NDC) must learn to accept defeat graciously in a matter where their own Dr. Ayine took the issue of a Deputy Speaker having a voting right or not and lost.

According to him their colleagues in the Minority are not principled enough, they always want to operate on the basis of convenient and when they lose a case they want to bring down the whole supreme structure.

“It is not good for good governance, the NDC must learn to accept defeat and respect the bench and the court, for us in the political class it is the only way to sustaining our democracy, if they continue to go on and say that if it’s against them they would attack they would throw caution to the wind”.

He further pointed out that if his colleagues continue that way they would ambush the country’s own fortunes it has made in the path towards good governance.

Again, today it is argued that all though the deputy Speaker has not been specifically prohibited but they are arguing that by parity of reasoning ones Mr. Speaker has been prohibited whiles presiding, they should also not have the right to vote when presiding. “Our argument is that going by the reasoning in Kojoga Adra you cannot probate and reprobate, you cannot when in government argue because continently it goes for you but today you want to say that that decision should change”.

And further pointed out that the plaintiff in the matter is one of their own, the respected law lectures at UPSA where he also teaches as an adjunct lectures. “We are not saying they sponsored him to go to court but he was inspired by the views of his party members and went to court and today the Supreme Court has delivered its ruling; how on earth would a Minority Leader make a statement to the effect that the Supreme Court wants to support the passage of the E-Levy?”

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/