March 10, 2022

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament is elated by the fact that the Supreme Court affirmed the decision he took on when he decided to avail himself to be counted to form a quorum for business on the floor of the House which resulted in some fisticuffs.

According to him there is some misrepresentation as whether he participated in the vote itself on the night of 30th. “That I must emphasis, that anybody who is in doubt can look at the clip, it was a voice vote and I did not participate in the voice vote. But I insisted that I be counted as a member of Parliament present to constitute the quorum before the decision was taken. This decision affirms that position that I took. I find that refreshing.

According to him, he was congratulated for that bold decision he took that day by a former Speaker who was of the view that that was how the frontiers of the law are expanded. “Matters that have never arisen are now in the for because of the numbers”. And notes that anytime there is disagreement, he will interpret the constitution as he understands it using the law.

“The First Deputy Speaker also urged people who disagree with him to boldly state their position and if need be refer to the appropriate body including the Supreme Court.

For him, the decision taken by the Supreme Court with the help of the constitution will help Ghana advance it’s democracy and practices in the chamber.

On Article 102 of the constitution, he said reading the constitutional provisions, he agrees with the fact that a Deputy Speaker presiding was entitled to a casting vote but since it was not stated clearly in the constitution, that was why he preferred that a different body adjudicate on the issue as executed by the Apex court of the land.