September 12, 2022

Acts of parliament, sometimes referred to as primary legislation, are texts of a law passed by the legislative body of jurisdiction (often a parliament or council).  In countries with a parliamentary system of government, acts of parliament begin as a bill, which the legislature votes on. Depending on the structure of government, this text may then be subject to assent or approval from the executive branch.

Since the beginning of the 1st parliament of Ghana, it has been able to successfully pass different laws that govern its people. Below are the various Acts passed:

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Acts Date of Assent
Extradition Act 15/12/1960
Criminal Code Act 29 12/1/1961
Legal Profession Act 1/1/1961
Incorporated Private Partnership ACT 20/11/1962
Registration of Business Names ACT 20/11/1962
Trustees (Incorporation) Act 1/2/1962
Chartered Accountants Act 19/04/1963
Companies Code 28/05/1963
Hospital Fees Act 9/10/1971
Police Service Act 19/01/1971
Interpretation Act 1/7/1982
Criminal Code (Amendment) LAW, 1985 15/01/1985
Intestate Succession Law 14/06/1985
Narcotic Drugs 13/07/1990
Courts ACT 1993(Act450) 17/07/1993
Customs Excise And Preventive (Management) 5/1/1993
Securities Industry Amendment Act 5/1/1993
Securities Industry Law 5/1/1993
Serious Fraud Office Act 1993 (Act 466) 30/12/1993
Security and Intelligence Agencies Act 31/12/1996
Serious Fraud Office Act 30/12/1996
Public Utilities Regulation Commission Act 19/10/1997
Bank of Ghana Act 25/01/2002
Bank of Ghana Act, Act 612 24/01/2002
Banking Act 2004 29/10/2004
Copyright Act 17/05/2005
Stamp Duty ACT 17/05/2005
Banking Amendment Act 18/06/2007
Criminal Code (Amendment) Act, 2007 10/8/2007
Domestic Violence Act 732 3/5/2007
Economic And Organized Crime Act 2010 Act 804 16/09/2010
Banks and Special Deposit Act, 2016 11/11/2016
Banks and Special Deposit Act, 2016, Act 930 14/09/2016
Value Added Tax (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 2017 29/11/2017
Covid-19 Health Recovery Levy Act 31/03/2021
Energy Sector Levies (Amendment) Act 31/03/2021
Penalty and Interest Waiver Act, 2021 31/03/2021

Source: Parliament of Ghana