March 29, 2024

So, all this while, the so-called maintenance of transformers put out by this unrepentant Akuffo-Addo/Bawumia government, as being the cause of the current Dumsor was nothing but a fabricated and concocted story to cover up for their incompetence and wickedness.

Finally the cat is out of the bag, as the Public Utilities Workers Union succinctly puts it that ECG has over 33,000 transformers. So that, even there is ongoing maintenance of 630 transformers, that cannot be the reason for the massive load shedding (Dumsor) being experienced across the country.

The truth is the Government is broke and cannot procure fuel/gas for our thermal plants leading to a shortfall in generation capacity. There is nothing prior, in or subsequent to this reason that ever explain away the reality.

This Cock and Bull story must give way to serious business. The government must be humble enough to admit the avoidable liquidity challenges in the energy sector.

Thank you PUWU of TUC for exhibiting courage and patriotism in speaking truth to power.