November 7, 2018
Minister for Trade and Industry, Kojo Alan Kyeremanten has told Parliament that his Ministry has incorporated mechanism to address environmental impact under the one district one factory as stipulated by law.

According to the Minister there is a technical support group, made up of experience consultant working with business promoters to conduct environmental impact assessment (EIA) to identify the potential impact of 1D1F projects.

He further pointed out that participating financial institutions that support 1D1F companies also requires as a matter of procedure, for the companies to prepare EIA reports.

“We have set up district implementation support team (DIST) in the entire district to support business promoters in meeting all statutory requirements when setting up factories”, he said.

Mr. Kyeremanten indicated to the House that there are robust monitoring and evaluation mechanism developed to assess the implementation of the 1D1F programme, the relevant regulatory institutions will conduct periodic checks and review the operations of the factories to ensure that they abide by all the required regulatory requirements.

This came to light when MP for Buem Daniel Kwesi Ashiamah wanted to know if the Ministry would consider the environmental impact of 1D1F initiative and how the Ministry would want to deal with such impact.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/