May 31, 2021

The only female member of the delegation from Sierra Leone, Veronica Kadie Sesay has reminded the leadership of the ECOWAS Parliament, and National Assemblies not to make the thirty percent female representation one of their political talks.

According to her it is something they would push and ensure they achieve. And having the backing from the Liberian Vice-President, Jewel Cianeh Taylor joining the crusade, she believes coming from her heart sends a positive signal to realizing that goal.

“When I heard her talk about the affirmative action and the thirty percent representation, she wants to see thirty percent of women and twelve more seats in the Community Parliament. I hope and believe it would work and it would start from our various communities and parliaments”.

In an interview, the president of female caucus in Sierra Leone said she is hopeful they would get the thirty percent representation they have been fighting for, adding that back in her home country, they are working to have safe seats because this is a problem with the affirmative action.

“Men are saying who should be removed from his seat for a woman; but all we are saying is that let them give us safe seats. With this, we would have more than the thirty percent in my country, and there is a political will, the president willing and ready to help the women?”.

She further pointed out that, their problem now is the Parliament, they have one hundred and forty-six (146) seats and only eighteen (18) are women. “We have to fight it out very very hard to make sure we have our thirty percent”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/