December 11, 2018

The Togolese technical team negotiating maritime boundary with their Ghanaians counterpart have raised issues with the Ghanaian navy occupying positions on the Ghanaian-Togo Sea that is of contention.

Mr. Hubert Matchonnawe Bakai leader of the technical team for Togo made this remarks at a third meeting of both countries in Accra.

According to the chief of Cabinet High Council for the sea, their issue has nothing to do with exploration, but as negotiation goes on some Ghanaian navy are placed on sea which has oil deposit belonging to both countries.

He reminded the technical team that both countries need to keep to the peaceful negotiation both countries have started, which was initiated by Presidents of both countries.

Mr. Hubert Matchonnawe Bakai further called for amendment of the agenda for the day saying, Togo does not agree with the agenda which was to be laid by the Ghanaian team leader Lawrence Apaalse.

The agenda for the meeting was conclusion of the last meeting, frame work for negotiating, applicable laws and methodology, on technical parameters, land boundary terminus, baseline/base-point, nautical charts and software.

“Both parties should respect the united Nations convention of the Law of the sea,  to ensure there is stability between the two countries we did not fix any time for the signing of agreement between the two countries. We promise commitment in accordance with existing laws subject to the final deliberations that would come out of today’s meeting there was improper placement of the navy on the sea”.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/