April 21, 2020

A member of Ghana’s representative to the fifth West African Community Parliament, Mr. Clement Kofi Humado has said he saw the resignation of H. E. Speaker Sidie Mohamed Tunis coming as Leader of Government Business in his National Parliament in Sierra Leone.

According to him, it was completely inevitable for the new Speaker of the Community Parliament to do a thorough job and acquit himself creditably if he does not resign as leader of Government Business.

“You and I know how tedious the work in ECOWAS Parliament is to the extent that some of our members who have double appointment with our National Parliament and the Community Parliament finds it difficult to stay throughout the session, how much more a whole Speaker? There is no way he can combine both leadership”.

In an interview with the second rapporteur of ECOWAS Parliament’s Committee on Infrastructure on Friday, he pointed out that it was a good news that a solution had been found and the Speaker had agreed to step down as Leader of his national Parliament.

Mr. Humado’s remarks came in when news broke out that the Speaker had held a meeting with his party and said, “I have agreed with government to honorably leave office of Leader of Government Business but to remain in the leadership of Parliament.  I believe this is good for our party and going forward for our government win-win situation for everyone”.

And further added that it should be something that subsequent Speakers should do. Mr. Humado recounted that the immediate passed Speaker H. E Mustapha Cisse Lo in his national parliament had to give-up his role to focus on his job as the Speaker of the Community Parliament.

“Going  forward, all these are going to lead to the fact that we need elected representative of the people through universal adult surfer age in West Africa so that they can concentrate solely on their work as lawmakers and not combine their dual role, this is a clear sign that, that kind of arrangement is needed”, he said.
Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com