August 27, 2018
Minister for the Interior, Ambrose Dery has charged the rank and file of the Police Service to subject all suspects of crime to the full rigours of the law.

According to him, the only fear of Police Commanders in persecuting lawbreakers who are perceived to be related to government should be their failure to subject suspects to due process.

He stated that officers who fail to subject offenders to due process would be punished.

“Their (thus police) only fear is that, I have said it before that if any commander does not let any offender go through due process, they will be sanctioned, that is what they have to fear, what they have to fear is that if they get the suspect and they listen to any group and they release them, they will be sanctioned’’, he stated.

Responding to concerns of threats of political interference in the work of the Police, the Minister urged them to exhibit professionalism in their work.

He cautioned the public to desist from allowing people to push them into crime since they will face sanctions alone.
“We are going to have rule of law not rule of men or the rule of groups that is illegal” he warned.

By Christian Kpesese/