Former Majority Leader Gambia
February 7, 2022

Ahead of Gambia’s Parliamentary polls on April 9, 2022 in the Gambia, the youth wing of UDP Kombo South West Coast Region is rooting for the Majority Leader Kebb K. Barrow to be re-elected to represent them in the next National Assembly for the next five years.

According to them their Member of Parliament deserves a second term as he has served his people well, he is very vocal, loyal and exuded maximum commitment.

His notable achievements include: staunch representation of the interest and concerns of the people of Kombo South in Parliament, providing assistance to many villages to rehabilitate their dilapidated roads, donated footballs and football jerseys to many communities, and equally sponsored many football tournaments in the constituency.

 He also donated school materials to needy students in different communities in Kombo South, and as well donated several valuable materials such as food, and many other items to people in desperate situations. “I can confidently confirm his relentless assistant to the family of Buba Jammeh when he was murdered in cold blood by the Brending lunatic”.

In a statement signed by Secretary of the youth wing Musa M. Jaiteh, he noted that in their last five years, their MP has made it his ardent duty to pay courtesy-call to communities and families within Kombo South on every Islamic festival, and fiercely advocates for a fair and equal distribution of national resources during parliamentary sittings. These and many other tangible reasons make him the right candidate.

“On that regard l call on the entire people of Kombo South, especially the youth to parade behind Hon Kebba K. Barrow as he is the right choice for Kombo South. I implore you all to go out in your large number on election-day and vote massively for him to enable him continue his mission in representing Kombo South and the nation at ECOWAS Parliament as required”.

He added that, Kombo South needs someone who is people-centered and development-oriented, and Hon K.K.B has undoubtedly been that person. He is unquestionably a very open and highly respectful, well cultured, highly religious, competent and well determined individual who possesses rich networking skills, dated back in his days as community worker at TARUD and subsequently with TANGO.

His mission has always been to serve the interest of Kombo South and the entire nation and her people, which he has performed with utmost diligence, integrity, and composure and reassuring manner.