September 5, 2013

Member of Parliament for Ablekuma West, Lawyer Ursula Owusu has added her voice to the pile of condemnation heaped on Senior Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata, after he singled out Justice Annin Yeboah and accused him of bias against the ruling NDC party in the just ended 2012 election petition case.

Mr Tsikata, Counsel for the NDC in the land mark case alleged that Justice Anin Yeboah always does the bidding of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) because he was appointed by former President Kufuor to the Supreme Court and that he was not surprised the way the Judge voted in the case.

The tough talking MP said lawyer Tsatsu’s logic can imply that the nine justices of the Supreme Court who presided over the election petition case allowed their political considerations and alignment to shape their judgment instead of the rule of law.

‘’If you as a former lecturer in law; descend into personal attack on judges, you are bringing yourself, the judicial service; all of us into disrepute and great disservice… scandalizing the court because when you refer to one, you are referring to all of them collectively…it tells you the kind of person he is” she said.

Speaking on PEACE FM’s Kokrokoo Morning Show on Thursday, Hon. Ursula Owusu stated that the fact that he (Tsatsu) accused Justice Anin Yeboah of doing the bidding of the NPP because he was appointed by former President Kufuor makes his argument more baseless.

“He singled out Justice Anin Yeboah for the wrong reasons because even if you look at the voting pattern of Justice Anin Yeboah, you will realize that he sometimes voted for the respondents. Even in the final judgment, he granted the respondents three of their claims and granted the petitioners three of their claims and so you cannot say that consistently he voted against the respondents’’ she added.

Hon. Ursula Owusu noted that Mr Tsikata should have known better and not uttered the words he did, adding that his posture and staments that he does not owe anybody an apology when all had condemned him, shows how arrogant he can be.

Kwadwo Anim/