February 17, 2021

Member of Parliament for Madina, Francis Xavier Kojo Sosu has said if the Appointment Committee were to be vetting a nominee per day, it would have been the most appropriate way to go.

According to him he understands the constrain of time and COVID-19 balancing that with the desire of President Nana Akufo-Addo to set up a government that he has to run, because whatever it is, they have a four year mandate to deliver.

He added however, that by and large two nominees a day has not been too bad, but days that the Committee had to take three nominees was a bit more tighter.

And further indicated that there should have been opportunity to interrogate nominees who referred the Committee to documents that were readily not available but when made available members of the Committee should have the opportunity to do further interrogation.

Meanwhile, the Madina lawmaker has dismissed the idea that members of the Committee are using the platform to serve their political interest and pointed out that they are vetting Ministers-designate who are going to take public office and it is perfectly right if they have made statements which is not worth making as public officers they  are interrogated on it.

“Your life as a public officer whether in private or public and you have made statements not appropriate, it is upon us to bring that to the fore. You can be sure that our colleagues in the Majority side would not want to raise those issues in a way to embarrass their colleagues in the same party”.

Mr. Sosu emphasised that, as Minority members of the Committee, it is their duty to ensure the right people with the right attitude and competency mount the very important offices they have been nominated to occupy, “it is a potion of trust for and on behalf of the people of Ghana”.

  Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com