January 24, 2014

Some queen-mothers in the Volta region have accused Members of Parliament, DCEs and Assembly Members in the region for neglecting the development of the area.

“They [MPs, DCEs] are not trying to help the region to develop; what are they doing to direct the region into development, there is no development going on in the region.’’

According to the concerned Queen mothers of the Volta region the MPs, DCEs and Assembly Members have failed to lead the region to develop.

Spokesperson for the group Mama-ga Amertor told Citi News that the MPs, DCES and Assembly Members lack the initiative to bring developmental projects to the region.

‘’Our MPs are not talking in Parliament; we are not hearing from them,’’ She added.

She explained that the citizens of the Volta region are losing out on development and hence the youth of the area will suffer most. ‘’If you compare other regions to the Volta, [we are lacking]; we want them to do something. ‘’

Mama-ga Amertor further asked the MPs to come together and do something for the region, she also questioned the impact and contribution of the Volta MPs on the floor of Parliament.

‘’Let me ask this question, How many times have you heard any Volta MP in Parliament talking about the problems of the region; how many times have you heard the MPs speak about the development of the region.’’

Meanwhile, the Volta Regional Minister, Nii Laryea Afotey-Agbo has accused Mama-ga for conducting propaganda for the opposition, New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“She is doing propaganda work for the NPP though she is a queen-mother.\’\’

According to him the queen-mother is accusing the MPs because the NPP does not have a representation from the region in Parliament.

“She is doing this for her political gain,\’\’ the Minister suggested.