May 2, 2019
Former National organizer of the NDC Kofi Adams has stated in an interview that the “boot for boot and all die be die” mantra would not scare the average voter from voting come December 2020.

Mr. Adams was responding to questions of the NDC’s talk of plans of election rigging by the ruling party as well as the “boot for boot, and all die be die” mantra that people believe may deter voters from coming out to vote.

As to whether the party’s complain of the chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensah couple with the above reasons will not result in lower turn out, he said, “not at all, we are only telling Ghanaians their votes should be protected this time around every vote will count”.

“Nobody should think he or she will go and vote and someone will be declared winner through an electronic fault no, every vote will count in 2020”

Mr. Kofi Adams assured voters they should not be afraid and also think that they are going to waste their vote because Jean Mensah is the EC chair and the New Patriotic Party (NNP) is in government.

“Note that the vote you are going to cast for NDC will count, it will count for NDC to be victorious, we will only be victorious if you go and vote for NDC  and do not stay away, thinking that your vote will not count, we are only assuring Ghanaians”.

He made this remarks when Dome/Kwabenya constituency organized a day to celebrate the branches for their hard work in the constituencies and was organized on Wednesday, by Elikplim Akrugu a likely aspiring Parliamentary candidate.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/