August 13, 2021

Member of Parliament (MP) for Tolon, Habib Iddrisu said consensus building is the hall mark of the current 8th parliament with 137 seats making up both side of the House and only one Independent MP offering to do business with the Majority side of the House.

According to him the current parliament is a difficult one hence the Majority side cannot use its numbers to bully the Minority. “We do not have the numbers but we have a government business to push, we need two thirds but with 138 we still do not have it”.

Speaking on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 when a delegation of MPs from the Ethiopian Parliament called on the Rt. Hon Speaker Alban Sumana Bagbin, Mr. Habib Iddrisu said that his side is always building consensus to ensure that the agenda of government passes as the president is very determined to ensure that Ghana achieves its transformational agenda, but stated that “This cannot happen without parliament, and there is no democracy without parliament”.

“We are happy with your visit and we hope to deepen our relationship”, and went further to say the current Ghanaian parliament is an interesting one which he has not come across its kind in the world.

Again, at the Committee level where it has twenty (20) members like the health committee, it is ten members each, and to come up with a report to the plenary it means both sides had to agree on issues, he said,

And further added that the Speaker of the House who has twenty-eight years continues experience as a former lawmaker is also a student of the current parliament because of the current dynamics. “As at the time we were preparing for democracy of the fourth Republic in 1992 Ethiopia was struggling to come out of a military Janta in 1991; we have a lot to share together”

 Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/