May 28, 2020
The medical doctor in charge of Ghana’s Parliament Clinic Dr. Prince Pambo has come out to reveal that the institution does not play any role in revealing result of the COVID-19 test that was carried out last week Thursday and Friday as directed by the Parliamentary Service Board.

According to him Parliament has only created a platform for the nation COVID-19 testing team to carry out the testing.

“We are in Parliament, we do not control what they do any more after the testing and releasing of test results. It is between the testing institution and the individual that has tested positive, and if there is any kind of support they get in touch with us as an institution”.

Hence he expressed surprise that a media house has the information of the result of the test carried out as a medical doctor he has not been trained to give out the medical record out to the public.

He made this known at a press conference organised by Parliament on Tuesday to deny media publication that two MPs have tested positive, same with thirteen staff of the institution.

In an early interview before the hurried press conference, he noted that last week’s exercise which was targeted at seven hundred MPs and staffs, they were able to screen six hundred and ninety which is a good target.

He was however worried that negativity would be attached to the screening exercise when people are being encouraged to go for the voluntary testing.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/