July 23, 2018

Former Deputy Minister of the Interior and Ranking member on Defense and Interior, James Agalga is calling for an independent probe into the killing of seven persons in Kumasi by the police.

The incident happened a few days after armed robbers shot and killed a policeman and injured another in the same vicinity.

According to the former Deputy Interior Minister, subsequently after the killing relatives of the deceased have come out to say they were not arm robbers, and the mix reactions that followed calls for transparent investigation, and not the one that should be left in the confines of the Ghana Police Service.

“I sort to do to invite the Speaker to summon the Minister of the Interior to appear before the House and take instructions, the speaker thinks the forum I chose was not appropriate he thinks I should rather have a statement made on the floor so I have accordingly taken that on board”, he said in an interview.

The Defense and Interior Committee is well placed to look into this issue; more over we have oversight responsibilities and the Ghana Police Service is part of the Executive arm of government, he added.

He further called for Parliamentary enquiry into the killing and pointed out that as things stands now to start with, the police investigating this issue would not get the needed confidence.

Again there could be an independent expects on security matters who would be commissioned to investigate the Kumasi shooting incident.

Mr. James Agalga called for the establishment of an independent police complains commission that would deal with situations like this.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com