July 11, 2021

Member of Parliament for Amenfi-Central Yaw Peter Kwakye-Ackah is calling for Parliament as an institution to institute a fire drilling exercise in the House.

According to him, in his past four years in the House, there has never been an occasion for fire drill to be conducted in the House.

The former marine engineer questioned where people are supposed to assemble in the House, in the event there is a fire outbreak in the House.

According to him as a former marine chief, every week without fail they conducted a fire drill on the ship to test their capability and their equipment and how fire alarm sounds for every one to know and that constant fire training is done.

“So, if fire occurs in a ship, you cannot run away, you have to face it and fight it, should there be a fire outbreak in the chamber everybody would run away, by the time fire service comes with their water fire might have engulfed the place because we are now going to have the fire truck driver woken up in his sleep, same with the others”.

He raised the issue on the floor of the House on Friday, July 7, 2021. And during an interview with Ghanamps.com he pointed out that “there are 275 MPs, their research assistants and workers; Parliament is a whole community.”

And further stated that, there is the need to get five groups of people in Parliament every mouth to help get everyone prepared on what to do during fire outbreaks. “We should know how to use the fire extinguisher and we should know the difference between water, fume and CO2 in case of electrical fire”

And added that if a person does not understand these how does he or she go out there to put out fire, stating that the Makola fire calls for adequate preparation otherwise a spark of fire would bring a whole building down.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com