March 17, 2018

The Member of Parliament for Ho West, Emmanuel Kwesi Bedzrah, is advocating for a National dialogue to deal with the teenage pregnancy menace in the country.

According to the Ho West lawmaker, if teenage pregnancy cannot be wiped off completely there should be an effort to reduce the menace.

He further added that “sexual intercourse” between an adult and young girls has its own implications with young girls being infected with diseases, whiles some of the girls might not be able to give birth again.

Government and society has a role to play in this regard and at the long round it has an effect on the economy, he said.

Mr. Emmanuel Kwesi Bedzrah advised parents to make sure young girls are educated at home about their health and whiles growing changes they will experience in their physical development.

“Young girls should not allow men to deceive them, after they have had their way and you get pregnant they dump you, where you become a societal problem”.

He urged MPs to carry this crusade at their constituencies by educating mothers, young girls as the issue of teenage pregnancy does not end with the individual but becomes a societal problem.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/