December 6, 2023

Ranking member on the Committee of Trade and Industry, Yusif Sulemana has said as a Country we need to think of how to strengthen the cedi as the Trade and Industry Minister K. T. Hammond is seeking to lay a Legislative Instrument to restrict some imported items which is costly to the country as foreign currency is needed in this regard.

A joint business consultative forum of Ghana has petitioned Parliament’s Trade and Industry Committee as the sector seeks to lay a Legislative Instrument to restrict importation of twenty-two items.

According to him their Committee has received five petitions from those who are affected by these proposed L I and they are looking out for them to engage them for further clarification; “thanks be to God you have offered that opportunity, I have gone through the five petition very well.”

He expressed delight that the House was able to do due diligence, identify the county’s limitations and offered the need inputs. “We have done our bit, it would have gone through by just laying it, but the House unanimously raised critical issues and it was not laid.”

He said it was obvious that the Minister was not happy subsequent attempts to lay the L.I. both failed; “you saw him on television he was not happy when he was not allowed same for the third time.”

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/