May 17, 2017

Senior Minister Yaw Osafo-Maafo has called for regular policy dialogue at all levels of the Ghanaian economy on concrete ways to build formidable public institutions that were irreversible.

“We need strong institutions as a country that will make that kind of reversibility impossible or difficult,” he told participants at the end of Ghana’s maiden national policy summit on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Information launched the National Policy Summit last April aimed at regularly informing the public on detailed government strategies on ways to revamp the economy for sustained growth.

It was aimed at building strong partnerships between the government machinery and private sector to spark an inclusive policy discourse and action that would help managers put the economy on a sustainable growth path.

“Let’s all focus our attention on that one, so that when the Minister of Finance is talking about making fiscal discipline council we should look at it or we should give him the support,” he said.

“We can’t look at the situation where we change certain personnel and the whole things flatten, but you can only replace them through strong institutions.”

Mr Osafo-Maafo cited examples in the US when a state court magistrate turned down a Presidential decree this year.

Mr Osafo-Maafo said: “It shows you the strength of institutions we have in the US, which ever type of President we have in the US and no matter the President they have, they can’t do what they want, the institutions will correct them.”

He said the Ghanaian economy needed to go through that direction, stressing that: “I feel very strongly about it that we can talk about all things all what we need is to leave a legacy,  Akuffo Addo’s legacy, institutions that make it impossible to reverse because those things  are good for the country.”

He however said the government would not be bound by the country’s 40-year development plan that is being prepared by the National Planning Development Commission.

By D.I. Laary, GNA