March 19, 2015

Ghana National Gas Company has stated that it will monetize all natural gas liquids (NGLs), except Isopentane–which is less than 0.5 percent–contained in the gas extracted from the Jubilee Oil Fields and processed by the Atuabo Gas Plant in the Western region.

Hon. Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah, minister of Energy and Petroleum who together with the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana National Gas Company disclosed this to the Government Assurances Committee on Thursday, said the Government is currently looking for a company that can use Isopentane to produce energy so that it would be commercialized rather than flared.

Dr Sipa Yankey on his part also elucidated to the Committee that Isopentane is actually a waste product from the gas processing system but noted that the Gas Company is determined to sell it due to the ‘no flaring’ policy of Ghana’s petroleum industry.

He noted that his outfit has been working with a company that is prepared to take that waste product and then produce that into power and so sooner than later after the agreement has been reached and the company sets up its plant, the waste product will be used to produce power of about 21 Megawatts which will be added to the national grid.