January 27, 2011

In a dramatic and comical twist to what was evidently a charged demonstration against the Mills government over standards of living, the Member of Parliament for Asokwa Maxwell Kofi Jumah said the protesters were in search for a mythical Tawiah to convey the messages of hardship to an Atta.

“I hear there is somebody called Tawiah and I am looking for that Tawiah because I hear that he can reach Atta, even if Atta is asleep, he can wake Atta up so that he can tell Atta my story.

“… Every Atta I hear has a Tawiah. So I am looking for Tawiah and when I walked down the street of Accra I saw so many people also looking for Tawiah,” he said, sarcastically in an interview with Joy News’ Fiifi Koomson.

He was part of hundreds of protesters of the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) who hit the streets Wednesday in protest over worsening living standards.

In Akan tradition, a twin is called Atta and a male child who immediately follows the twin is named Tawiah.

Kofi Jumah insists John Atta Mills, a twin, has reneged on his campaign promise and needs to be reminded of his promises by a Tawiah.

The MP’s comments were culled from a famous Ghanaian musician, Lucky Mensah, whose recent album titled ‘Nkratuo’ or message seems to be making waves in the political arena.

Mensah in ‘nkratuo’ sends a message to a mythical Tawiah to tell an Atta that Ghanaians are suffering.

The Asokwa MP, Maxwell Kofi Jumah obviously dazzled by the lyrics of the song did not hesitate in drumming home what he claims to be broken promises of the Atta Mills government and its attendant hardships.

Asked what he wanted Tawiah to tell Atta, the MP said: “First of all he promised me that my life is going to be better but what I see is the reverse the direct opposite of what he promised.

“I went to buy rice they told me the price of rice has gone up. So I say well if I can’t buy rice at least let me drink water, the price of water has gone up. I got so angry and frustrated and said let me drink beer, the price of beer has gone up. Then when I went home the electricity price has gone up…” he pontificated.

Member of Parliament for Weija Shirley Ayorkor Botchway who was also part of the demonstrators said the attendance is enough testimony to the worsening living standards in the country.

The Minority in Parliament were also reported to have donned red arm bands in solidarity to the demonstrators.

Source: Joy fm