November 30, 2023

The Member of Parliament for Akyem Oda has revealed that his constituency has been a beneficiary of the government’s year of roads initiative including 20 kilometer asphalt overlay on the principal streets of Oda.

Additionally, a major bridge leading to Oda that has problem is also being worked on while a number of road projects have been awarded on contract including 10 kilometers of Oda Town Roads.This notwithstanding, he said, a greater part of the constituency is yet to be given out for contract.

However, the MP had to bring his resourcefulness to bear with the release of one million Ghana Cedis to facilitate works on the 10 kilometer town roads in recent times.

This, he said, was necessitated by the delays in completing the project due to lack of funds as explained by the contractor who had left site for the past 2-3years.

“We’ve been chasing for his payments; I’ve been putting in all efforts to ensure he gets paid but it is a bit difficult and so I spoke with him and he said that if we could mobilize some money for him he could come to site. So I felt I’m a resourceful person, I could tap into some funding and let him come back to site and start working”, the MP stated.

And true to his words, the contractor is back on site with the release of the one million Ghana Cedis from the MP and currently working on roads around residency, mobil (Central Business Area) leading to the Presby Church and beyond.
He asserts that that effort has awoken government and there are efforts to get the contractor paid so he can have enough resources to finish up the roads he started three years ago.


Coupled with the ongoing road construction is a street lightening system project aimed at improving visibility in the municipality especially at night.

With the absence of electric poles to hang the streetlights in some areas like the Hecta School through Aboabo, the MP had to procure these poles for the purpose and currently work is progressing in this regard.