February 10, 2020

Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye has told the World Bank Country Director, Pierre Jean Laporte that institution should disassociate itself from championing gay and lesbian rights which is usually linked to aid in Ghana and Africa.

According to the Speaker the World Bank should disassociate itself from some modern issues of human rights being pushed on African countries in exchange for aid.

“The West would have to respect our views, do not link such things to aid for economic development because they have nothing to do with us, Ghana is not castrating people because they are gay’s. No we are not engage in any anti-human rights; the issue is offence is offence, it is time for us to look at this new interpretation”.

He told the visiting Country Director of the World Bank to Ghana that human rights issues are gaining economic under pining in global relationship and are issues that concern “us deeply”.

Professor Oquaye emphasised that Ghanaian die of ‘kwashiorkor’ and there are many problems that needs to be tackled.

“When AIDS is spreading in Africa we are unable to manage it as the developed world has managed it, we seriously want to make known to the appropriate institutions that if they want to assist us economically they should do that”.

In addition, they should realize that economic stability has effects and social implication and those issues should be brought to the front burner as they would be beneficial way to deepen “our relationship”, he emphasised.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com