October 7, 2013

In order to bring his constituents together to move development forward, the Member of Parliament for Yendi, M. H. Tijani has initiated efforts to create unity and ensure peaceful coexistence among residents in his constituency.

As a first step, Mr. Tijani organized football gala match for fifteen division 2 clubs from various communities in the constituency.

He noted that his focus is on the youth because they tend to exhibit their youthful exuberance, and so if they are made to accept each other, they would see the need to work together to fight social and economic problems facing them in their various communities.

He said like many youth, they hope to make a living from sports but this can only be achieved if they are well motivated and given the needed supports.

Two clubs, Gbewaa and All Weather who excelled in the competition were presented with jerseys and footballs to help in their training towards bigger competitions.