Hon Stephen J. H. Zargo
May 18, 2023

Vice chairman of the Community Parliament’s Committee Trade, Customs and Free Movement Stephen J. H. Zargo was unhappy when on Monday, May 15, 2023 he showed up at the Parliament to attend a joint Committee meeting and was told the Committee meeting could not hold due to challenges.

According to him Speaker Dr. Sidie Mohamed Tunis should take responsibility for it as euphoria around the second week of the ongoing 2023 first Ordinary Session has been low according to his assessment of how the Session is going.

“The lukewarm attitude this week is unacceptable. Today is Monday, my committee should be meeting this week but look at the turn out here; it’s not encouraging at all, the spirit is lacking -honesty we lack leadership”, he stated.

In an interview with Ghanamps.com he noted that the development is very worrying, and call for concern in the wake of increased terrorism and insecurity in the sub- region, saying they should devote their time and resources to discuss it.

Again, the only time bad people can prevail is if the good people do not do anything at all, “so if they, the good people fold their hands and do not do anything, the bad people would be victorious”.

“I did not fly from Monrovia to Abuja, so that after a week there is no much work to be done, I am co-chair of a committee; by now I should be in a meeting with commissioners to talk about trade, free movement and customs; and in addition to talk about political situation in the sub-region. Today there is a committee meeting, you come here, no one tells you anything and I blame the head”.

HE challenged the media to do more, stating that there are many problems in the sub-region that we should expedite actions on. “I am not happy the way things are going, I have election coming up in my country soon, I left everything to be here to do the citizens business and look at how things are –it is unfortunate”, he lamented.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com