June 16, 2011

A total of forty six (46) fishing fleets have been arrested for fishing by light attraction.

This follows the increase in the joint Ghana Navy and the Fisheries Commission patrol at sea to arrest fishermen using light attraction for fishing since the excercise started in November 2010.

The arrested fishing vessels are made up of 31 canoes, 13 inshore vessels and 2 tuna vessels.

To equip the Navy to intensify patrols of the coastal and inland waters of the country, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture has procured two (2) patrol vessels for fisheries surveillance activities at sea which are expected in Ghana in September 2011.

This came to light when the Minister for Food and Agriculture, Kwesi Ahwoi was answering questions on what mesures his ministry has put in place to halt those who use light attraction for fishing on the floor of parliament today Wednesday 15th June 2011.

Parliament on 3rd August 2010, promulgated the Fisheries Regulations, 2010, (L.I 1968) which per Regulation 11 (1) (a) specifically mentions inter alia , “aggregation of fish by light attraction” is a prohibited fishing method in Ghana.

Sub-sections (3) of Act 625 also provides sanctions for those who contravene the provisions of Sub-section (1) and (2).

The Minister stated that the Fisheries Commission has undertaken a number of sensitization programmes in the coastyal Regions, namely Volta, Central, Western, Greater Accra to educate fishermen on the on the Fisheries Regulation and light fishing and its neghative effects on the fish stocks of the country and the need to stop the bad practice.

He added that the Fisheries Commission is in collaboration with the Bureau of Ghana Languages has concluded procurement procedures to have the contents of the Fisheries Regulations , 2011, (L.I 1968) translated into five Ghanaian languages namely Dangbe, Ga, Fante, Ewe and Nzema for easy appreciation and compliance of by fisheries.

Source: Kwadwo Anim/ghanamps.gov.gh