December 20, 2022

A combined pressure group of Arise Ghana and Justice for Ghana have served notice to government of their intended picketing at the construction site of the National Cathedral in Accra.

Addressing the press in parliament on Tuesday, ahead of Wednesday, 21st December, 2022 picketing, Prince Derek Adjei, a member of the Arise Ghana said it is good the cathedral has been suspended; but they want the construction of the cathedral completely taken off Ghana’s books. “….. we want it taken completely off Ghana’s books, completely, halted, stopped and the walls must come down so that Ghanaians can see the extent of damage caused to Ghana’s purse, the public purse has been hurt very badly”,.

The group is also calling on government to completely retrieve monies so far expended on the construction of the project including those used in the demolishing of properties that were initially at the sites and those paid to the architect David Adjaye.

This, they said is very important at a time government is undertaking a debt restructuring programme asking people to have hair-cuts that are underserving of anybody.

In tomorrow’s picketing, the group served notice that they will also be addressing Pensions funds that are being taxed “because of the negligence of one Ken Ofori-Atta, assisted by one Dr. Addison and one Dr. Ogbame, and another Dr. Bawumia and a certain President Akufo Addo”.

Prince Adjei said it is their believe that “Pensions of Ghanaians must not be touched, and therefore they want that also taken off the books and as far as any restructuring of our debts are concerned”.

On the introduction of new taxes, they indicated that Ghanaians are already suffering and they do not expect more nuisance taxes, serving notice that the E-levy must not happen in the form that is being proposed, “that there would be no threshold for even the poor, means that the government does not recognize any poor people any more even at the time that even the rich are suffering”.

They also do not want any increases in the Valued Added Tax (VAT) and asked that the Members of Parliament (MPs) shoot down all the items mentioned so that Ghanaians are not overburdened.