Dr. Hunter
December 4, 2021

A governance organisation, Excellent Leadership and Accountable Governance (CFELAG), disagrees with both the Majority and Minority in Parliament over their interpretation of the constitution that either 138 or 137 can approve the 2022 budget.

According to the founder, Dr. Hunter in both Articles of 102 and 104 the underling factor is that all MPs should be in the chamber.

“What the constitution says, the emphasis is on all members of Parliament should be present in the chamber.  We are saying to both sides of the House that not all members were in the House before they came out with either they have approved or overturn the budget. They are disrespecting Ghanaians who voted for them.  When you enter the chamber, you are neither NPP nor NDC; you are the representatives of the people”.

Ghana’s Parliament

Again, at a press conference, he told journalists that the 1992 Republican Constitution is not a spiritual book, so anyone who has attended school can read and understand. “Majority and the Minority can they prove to us today that they are not in Parliament for their own selfish interest but to help the people who elected them as MPs?” He questioned.

On the pronouncement of the first Deputy Speaker, Joseph Osei-Owusu he said his statement that he is not the Speaker is contradictory, and the oath that he sworn as the first deputy Speaker of Ghana’s parliament he is the Speaker when the Rt. Hon Alban Bagbin is not around, that is why the MPs address him as, “Mr. Speaker, they do not referee to him as Mr. First Deputy Speaker when he is in the chair”.

And as a lawyer and being called Joe Wise, he is intelligent and could share to the public his intelligence, but said on camera that he is not a Speaker is contradictory; he erred and should apologies to Ghanaians.

“We are disappointed in the Minority because they got Ghanaians to give them their support, we believe in them when they came after the E-Levy, when they disagreed with the Majority. I heard the Minority saying that the threshold should be taken to three hundred cedis and   that one percent for the E-ley tax, we do not support this stand, we are saying the E-levy is not acceptable to the people of Ghana and the Majority side should go and do more negotiations on the matter”.

The Finance Minister’s office, he noted, was not prepared for this very budget, as he said there should be room for negotiation and they are going to go back and do negotiation; it is a clear indication that they were not prepared and were not ready for the budget to be passed by parliament.

And suggested that  from now to February 2022,  government has more room to make more negotiations to meet with stakeholders like the truck pushers, okada riders, his  old lady in the village,  and  encourage all Ghanaians to resist  the  E-Levy,  and in  the  national anthem says,  “we should resist every oppressors rule, we should be bold and defend the nation Ghana”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com