January 12, 2024

Delegates in the Asante Akim South constituency have indicated their unwavering support for their Member of Parliament Asante Boateng ahead of the ruling party’s Parliamentary Primaries on January 27, 2024.

Despite attempts by aspirants like Obour to sway opinions and advocate for a shift in representation, the sentiments among the delegates remain steadfast, rooted in the impactful achievements of the present incumbent.

Within the charged atmosphere of the MP’s campaign launch, our team engaged with delegates eager to shed light on the transformative developments spearheaded by the current representative.

Roaming through the exhibition showcasing various projects, another delegate extolled the discernible impact on local communities. “These developments are a testament to progress. Beyond roads, electricity reaching 33 communities is a game-changer,” they shared, emphasizing the visible improvements felt in constituents’ daily lives.

The strategic pursuit of Municipal status has also resonated with delegates, who emphasized the positive ripple effect. “Municipal status has ushered in more projects – new schools, improved facilities. It signifies a step towards a brighter future for Asante Akim South,” articulated another party member.

As the political landscape evolves, the collective voice of Asante Akim South delegates echoes a resounding endorsement for the incumbent MP. Their unyielding loyalty remains a testament to the impactful achievements that have become the cornerstone for progress and prosperity in the constituency.

Delegates, content with the performance of their representative, firmly reject calls for change from Obour and other aspirants. The narrative pivots on the substantial achievements of the incumbent, creating an insurmountable barrier against the winds of change sought by challengers.

The incumbent MP has additionally constructed over 50 boreholes have been provided for safe drinking water, further enhancing the positive impact of Asante Boateng’s leadership on the well-being of the community.

The deputy railway Minister, Mr. Asante Boateng’s strategic move with his MCE Mr Alexander Frimpong towards achieving Municipal status for the constituency has also struck a chord with delegates like Yaw Mensah, who emphasized the positive ripple effect.

“Municipal status has brought in more projects – new schools, better facilities. It’s a step “Municipal status has brought in more projects – new schools, better facilities. It’s a step towards a brighter future for Asante Akim South,” he articulated.

In addition to the infrastructure projects, delegates praised Mr. Asante Boateng for his selfless leadership, commitment to the welfare of party members, and responsiveness to their calls in times of need or support.

Further checks in one-on-one interviews with some delegates revealed a staggering 75% support of party delegates present at the program with intent to cast their votes in favor of Lawyer Kwaku Asante Boateng to become the Parliamentary candidate for the constituency and further win the main general election in 2024 to continue his good works as an MP.

All these comments came up last Wednesday 10 January, 2024 when the MP launched his formal campaign for the Parliamentary primaries at his constituency, Asante Akim South.