July 8, 2022

The Public Affairs Director of Parliament, Ms Kate Addo has emphasized the need to include social skills, negotiation, policy and effective communication in today’s educational structure, as requisite skills at the secondary level to adequately prepare students to meet tomorrow’s workforce.

Speaking at the launch of the 80th anniversary of Ebenezer Senior High School, Kate Addo underscored the challenges confronting today’s students and urged them to cooperate with their teachers and to learn outside school hours. She also underscored the importance of soft skills as a prerequisite for the world of work.

“Today’s students need education in social skills, negotiation, policy, effective communication and other soft skills if they are to be effective, relevant competitors in tomorrow’s workforce”. she stated.

As a past student of the school, she raised concerns about the poor access to ICT knowledge and further stressed the need to give precedence to ICT education as a means to enhance productivity and be abreast with the rest of the world. She called for deliberation and the construction of an ultra-modern ICT laboratory to improve computer literacy at every stage of learning towards preparing students for the future.

“ICT is a key ingredient for anyone pursuing any type of education. Now, in most learning institutions, work is done online. An ultra-Modern ICT lab for our school is imperative. Computer literacy and application must be a major requirement at every stage of learning since most of the information needed for knowledge acquisition in any subject can be found online. And it is a skill needed by our students for future work”.

Adding that, past students over the years have not done much in improving the image and physical structure of the school. She persuaded a communal effort ahead to uplift the image of the school.

The Ebenezer Senior High School was established in 1941 by RobertbTeiko Aryee with a current enrollment number of 2578. The school has seen the likes of Lawyer Ayikoi Otuo, Professor Jeffery Squire at Waterloo University in Canada, Prof Mills, and Ms Kate Addo among other distinguished personalities as past students.