December 18, 2012

The Deputy Majority Leader Rashid Pelpuo has said he will support the candidature of current First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Doe-Adjaho any day should his name come up as nominee to the high office of speaker of Parliament.

He said, Doe Adjaho has all the qualities and the needed experience to steer the affairs in the August House of Parliament.

Following December 7 general elections, names such as former First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ken Dzirasah, NDC stalwart Obed Asamoah and Hon. Doe Adjaho has come up as possible persons to succeed the current Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Joyce Bamford Addo at least for the next four years.

Hon. Rashid Pelpuo adduced Hon. Doe Adjaho’s several years, spending almost 20 years in Parliament and his accomplishment as a lawyer as likely trump card to edge him over the other likely candidates.

“As important as Parliament is to the growth of the country it is important that we have people who have institutional memory to chair proceedings and activities of this important Arm of Government and I am sure Doe Adjaho amongst the speculated persons, best fits that position” he said.

Per the constitutional provision if Hon. Doe Adjaho is elected the speaker he will have to vacate his seat as the Speaker of Parliament is required not to wear any party political colours.

Kwadwo Anim/