June 21, 2012

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Sampson Agbeko, Brong Ahafo Regional Director of Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU), on Tuesday appealed to the government and the parliament of Ghana to pass the Legislative Instrument (LI) on Domestic Violence Act.

He said the LI would take care of some of the problems that victims of domestic violence and other stakeholders go through in their endeavour of seeking justice.

The regional director was addressing a press conference on the passage of the LI in Sunyani, which was jointly organised by two NGO’s: ActionAid Ghana and Centre for
Maternal Health and Community Empowerment.

DSP Agbeko said lack of training for some of the staff of DOVVSU in regard to knowledge about domestic violence- related issues, lack of privacy of victims during counselling sessions and the fees demanded from them are some of the things affecting the fight against fighting injustice in the society.

Mrs Olivia Avudzega of the Department of Social Welfare said the introduction of the Domestic Violence Act brought relief to stakeholders working for victims of domestic violence.

She said the Act alone could not be fully effective without the support of the LI to regulate how the law should operate.

Mrs Avudzega said the law would ensure free access to medical care, as well as shelter for victims she asked the public to desist from stigmatising victims of domestic violence and rather encourage them to report cases on time to avoid tampering with evidence.

Mrs Avudzega appealed to family members to avoid the settlement of domestic cases at home and rather allow the law to take its course.

Mr George Ankamah, Acting Regional Director of the Department of Children, emphasised that the LI would help to promote and protect the development of women and

He expressed regret about the low number of women in decision making due to the continued existence of some harmful socio-cultural practices in some communities.

The acting regional director noted that some husbands maltreat their wives and get away with it because after all it would be settled at home.

Mr Ankamah said his outfit would intensify advocacy and awareness creation about women issues to the public “to ensure violence against women and children are… minimised or eradicated from the society”.

Mr John Abaa of ActionAid Ghana entreated the media to help in the sensitisation of people on domestic violence issues.