August 1, 2013

Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Baba Jamal is pushing for the compulsory retiring age in public service to be extended to 65 years while voluntary retiring age is pegged at 60 years.

According to him, the current retiring age of 60 years and compulsory retiring age of 55 years is denying certain public servants who still have enough energy and possess tremendous amount of experience the opportunity of further serving the country.

The Deputy Minister who is also the Member of Parliament for Akwatia in the Eastern Region of was contributing to a discussion on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana show on Thursday on government’s acceptance of the recommendation by the Constitutional Review Implementation Committee that the current retiring age of 60 years in the Public Service be maintained.

However Parliament will reserve the power to increase the retiring age of certain categories of public servants to reflect specific needs of the Service concerned

He noted that he would make a strong case for the extension of the retiring age if the matter should come up in the next meeting of Parliament.

Hon. Baba Jamal wondered why there is no barrier to age when it comes to serving Members of Parliament but public servants are required to go on pension at age 60.

“Come to Parliament and you will realize that there are lots of MPs who are way above 60 years but are strong with sharp minds contributing to national growth, but other people around the same age in public service can equally render a lot of service to Ghana’’ he added.

Kwadwo Anim/