March 20, 2019

Member of Parliament (MP) for Garu, Albert Akuka Alalzuuga has facilitated for some students in the basic schools in his constituency to visit Parliament and learn about its workings.

According to the Garu lawmaker he collaborated with Father Morin Memorial Education Complex, a basic catholic school to expose the students to Accra and workings of the House.

Mr. Albert Akukua Alalzuuga told journalists in Parliament in an interview that the students would have the opportunity to learn from happenings in the country, current affairs which form part of examinable areas for all categories of students.

He further pointed out that it is important for the students from his constituency to have this kind of exposure, because they are going to write same paper with their colleagues in Accra, who have the opportunity to visit the House every day.

“Since being a legislator, I see students from Accra come here every day in their numbers and interact with MPs, and are able to know the names of the leadership of the House, “most of the students in my constituency would not be able to know the names of the leadership”.

“Except they have smart teachers who are able to expose them to some of these things. The visit is timely and it has been something that has been my heart desire for quite some time now, so when I visited the school three weeks ago and was reminded I readily accepted”

Checks done by journalists in Parliament to find out if the students know the names of the leadership of the House, revealed that they did not and could not mention the name of the President of the Republic of Ghana. .

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/