November 13, 2018
Former Minister for Power during the erstwhile Mahama administration, Dr Kwabena Donkor is advocating the need for Ghana to protect local businesses to become competitive in the global world.

According to him for Ghana to become truly competitive and comparable to other economic giants of the world, local businesses must be protected before opening up the local economy to world.

The Member of Parliament for Pru East asked “What is our strategy to grow our local businesses like China did before opening up to the world?

Dr Donkor urged the need for Ghana to learn best practices from the likes of China, Singapore and Malaysia about how they were able to protect their economies to become what they are today.
“What methodology can we learn and apply to our circumstances”. He concluded.

The MP was speaking on the floor of Parliament in a contribution to a statement on the trade relations between Ghana and China.

By Christian Kpesese/