February 17, 2020
Member of Parliament for Garu and a member of the Government Assurance Committee, Albert Akuka Alalzuuga is advocating for the leadership of the Committee which by the Majority to be changed to the Minority as the standing orders is being revised.

According to the Garu lawmaker, for the lifespan of the seven Parliament, three years has gone waste without the Committee embarking on any verification field trips despite promises given by Government and Ministers.

“We need to find out if government is really fulfilling its promise. This would let government sit up, but if the leadership of the Committee is in the hands of the Majority they do not want to expose their government”.

When questioned by Ghanamps.com if leadership style is not key, because Emmanuelle Bedzrah in the sixth Parliament despite being in the Majority made the Committee visible and vibrant, he acknowledged that point that Bedzrah was from the Majority and the Committee was vibrant and visible, and further commended the current chairman of the Committee Collins Owusu Amankwah, who took over from Yaw Frimpong Addo last quarter of last year for his performance.

“We would encourage Collins to do more so that the Committee does not only exit in name but we should be seen working”.

The Garu lawmaker spoke in an interview in the Central Region when the Committee visited Casa de Ropa, a company that produces bread, pizza, mosquito coil out of sweet potatoes, to ascertain some promises made by the Trade and Industry Minister, Alan Kyeremantey under the one district one factory (1D1F) programme.

Meanwhile, the committee has also undertaken a three day field visit to the University of Ghana Medical Centre, B5 Plus Limited, and the MP noted that “this is one of the best Committee that can help improve Ghana”, adding that when they visited B5 Plus, an Indian company in Ghana, they were able to verify for themselves how the management is treating their Ghanaian workers”.

He noted that whiles some workers fear to talk of the situation on the ground, others were bold enough to point out they were not having protective cloths and got them at the day of the visit of the committee, “this visit would let the management of B5 sit up”.

Again, the committee in its round looked at the source of the products and its quality as well as the local content, how many people from Ghana are being employed, he said.

Mr. Akuka Alalzuuga noted that he was impressed with the way things are going so far with the companies they had visited, pointing out that especially Ekumfi Fruit Juice Lt and Casa de Ropa which are one hundred percent Ghanaian owned.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com