August 24, 2011

The NPP Minority in Parliament has said government’s attempt to blame taxi drivers for the current shortage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in the country is most dishonest.

Government officials have alluded to increasing LPG use by commercial vehicles as part of the reasons for the shortage of the product in recent times.

Yet at the Press briefing in Accra on August 23, the Minority Spokesperson on Energy and Member of Parliament for Navrongo Central, Hon Joseph Kofi Addah, told journalists that the Mills administration should admit that the NDC Administration’s incompetence is to blame for the prevailing LPG shortages.

“We in the NPP have no doubt in our minds that the two main factors of the acute gas shortage are as a result of the NDC government’s disruption of the production process by letting GNPC usurp the role of TOR in the lifting of crude oil. This no doubt has significantly reduced the domestic supply to the country through imports by the bulk distribution companies.

“The second was the fact that due to a two-year non-payment of under-recoveries to the bulk distribution companies, these distributors have withdrawn their services and thus currently, there is only one company, namely Fuel Trade, which is still active after they had recently been paid arrears, six months due.”

Hon. Addah warned the NDC not to mislead Ghanaians into believing that taxi drivers were to blame for the gas shortage.

The NPP also rejected government claims that part of the reason for the gas shortages is the previous administration’s failure to expand Ghana’s LPG storage capacity.

By : Kwadwo Anim/