December 13, 2019

Speaker of the West African Community Parliament, Mustapha Cisse Lo has taken a swipe at the French President Emmanuel Macron for threatening and dictating to the G5 Sahel countries, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania and Chad over security matters.

According to Speaker if the Francophone sub-regional countries do not have the right to speak their minds then they are slaves.

“We should be free to express ourselves, how can Macron threaten our heads of states that is not independence, is it the French people who would tell us what we should do for ourselves? I wish was the President of Senegal to tell Macron the truth in the face”.

“I agree that I have not study to a high level, but orally I told them the failure confronting us is because of the bad management and the lack of capacity of our leaders. In terms of management, if you want to manage you should know what you are managing, and this is crucial”.

Again, when it comes to management, it is like a trade, you are given one million to buy a cattle and make profit, in that case you need to know the kind of cattle you are going to buy which would generate profit, he stated.

“Africa is in complete disorder because our leaders are not assuming their responsibilities, they go around with their dispatch riders, and we have good lands, sun, water bodies, and petroleum, our younger generations are suffering. We need to tell each other the truth, let us look each other eye ball to eye ball”.

Morocco does not have all the resources we have in the sub-region, but they told themselves they want to eat what they grow, and have been successful with that, they want to join ECOWAS, but they have all the good roads, high speed train without resources like gas and petroleum.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/