December 31, 2020

Parliamentary Candidate (PC) on the ticket of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Garu Constituency, Albert Akuka Alalzuuga, said he is not surprised that the former Member Parliament Dominic Azimbe Azumah is standing as an independent candidate after losing to him.

According to him, he is only worried that an experience politician of is caliber, have worked all his life for the NDC and being MP for twenty years and gain support from the party and also benefited from the party is doing this to himself and the party.

“He knows the rules very well but has turned deaf ears to the same rules that had supported him this while and going independent”.

And added that, people have lost primaries to him including himself in 2012, but he was the first person to walk to him, picked up his t-shirt went round with him to campaign, but he has refused to support the party’s candidate.

Mr. Akuka Alalzuuga made this known in an inter in the wake of the NDC party sacking eighteen failed parliamentary candidates aspiring to go independent, key among them is Dominic Azimbe Azumah, a former minister and MP for Garu Constituency in the Upper East Region.

That is not the rules of the game, and he must be a good supporter to make the game interesting, because if anybody who lost the primaries to him wanted to go independent, I don’t think he would have gotten to where he is. It is a bit too late for him to be talked to resend his decision, I wished he has not gone that way and listen to everybody’s advice, he said.

“All of us grew up knowing NDC as our only party, I don’t know what has made him so angry that he want to take this decision, I leave that in the hands of God and pray that in the near future, he would be able to see things because losing him or letting the party lose him from what has happen he himself has resigned”.

Once you know the implication of going independent it means you have voluntary resigned from the party, that is not the best thing, but whatever it is, “I want to still urge the rank and file of the party in Garu to remain calm and work so that we can win the seat and John Mahama becomes the next President”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/