January 25, 2011

Controversial NDC MP for Lower Manya Krobo, Michael Teye Nyaunu has denied ever saying that President Mills is bat blind and thus has surrounded himself with the wrong people.

A publication by the Daybreak Newspaper on Tuesday January 25, headlined “Mills can’t see at all” said the MP begged President Mills to change his spectacles and go in for better lenses that would make his vision clear else the NDC would lose the 2012 elections. “He has to reinvestigate the people around him to see how things are going” the Paper stated.

But the MP told Citi News on Tuesday that his comment could not be taken to mean that he was referring to the President’s sight.

He accused some elements in the media of constantly attempting to twist comments made by politicians to suit their own parochial interests.

Mr. Teye Nyaunu, who once declared Professor Mills as unfit to run on the NDC’s ticket prior to the 2008 elections, has often received bashing from within his party for constantly criticizing them publicly.

In one of his latest outbursts, he told Citi FM that NDC executives at both national and regional levels were busily amassing wealth instead of concentrating on building party unity.

Although he still stands by that statement, he vehemently denied ever saying that President Mills cannot see.

He said his position about the President’s health had changed because the President appears to have regained strength after running the country for two years.

“Please don’t put this thing into the public domain because I never said this and will never say it. If he can’t see, then how do I converse with him? The Paper is not telling the truth. Absolutely I won’t say this when I am enjoying a very good relationship with the President. Excuse me to say but that is what some of you in the media do. You always try to find a way to smuggle your positions into what people have said and use them as your banner headlines and those are things that you intend to say yourselves.”