October 19, 2022

The Member of Parliament for Ketu South, Dzifa Abla Gomashie has indicated that if there is anything she can do to see more women in the next parliament, she is more than willing to do. The 8th Parliament of Ghana has less than fifteen (15) percent female representation, with both political parties – the National Democratic Congress, and the New Patriotic Party providing 20 female MPs each.
But Madam Gomashie believes the situation could be better, and emphasised that available and research data has proven that there are more women in Ghana than men; “I do not believe it’s because the women are not willing, it’s because we do not have the resources and the encouragement”. In an interview in Rwanda Kigali at the just ended 145th Assembly of the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU), she pointed out that she would champion any day anytime empowerment of women; and she is now more comforted because there are a lot more people pushing other women, encouraging them that they can do it.

The 145th Assembly was on the theme, “Gender equality and gender-sensitive parliaments as drivers of change for a more resilient and peaceful world”. She further noted that the political parties are trying; for example women are made to pay half what the men pay, it is a good step but she is sure we can go further, as some have called for preserving those who are already in and make sure they add more.
Again, some have called for some safe seats for both major parties in parliament, so these things are encouraging but we need to firm some up, adding that in the one and a half years that she has been in parliament, “one thing that has pressed my bubbles is the gender ministry and what we could do with them has not happened”.

But she is hopeful in the next sitting they should be able to make some inroads now that we have new nominees to occupy those positions, hopefully they would be able to help them catch up. “We really have lost time especially with the affirmative action bill for example, the spousal bill, these have all delayed because people to push it were not there and all of these put together will help us achieve our aim”, she emphasised.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com/Rwanda/Kigali