May 27, 2014

The Member of Parliament for Krachi Nchumuru, John Majisi has advocated for special attention from government for the welfare and promotion of special need education in the country.

He indicated that although the government has shown some level of commitment in this regard there is seemingly some funding gap in promoting the welfare of the good number of special need institutions in the country.

Speaking on Joy News today , the legislator asserted that moving forward in special need education we must refocus on inclusive educational curriculum in the mainstream to help absorb those with special need.

He said there are implementation difficulties of achieving these broad objectives, and was quick to add that regular schools must show readiness in meeting the diversity of pupils’ needs in special need education.

He claimed another way of resolving these difficulties is to cut the numerous expenditures and create some consolidated funding for special need education.

According to him, being a legislator he is yearning to promote special need education as he had so far laid successively two papers to address the house, and advocating for robust decisions and intervention in the aspect of policy formulation.

He however urged good spirited persons and benevolent organizations to come-onboard and support improve conditions of our special need schools.

Inclusive education is the official policy position for educating persons with disabilities in Ghana. The Government of Ghana’s Educational Strategic Plan 2003-2015 argues for inclusion for all children with disabilities by 2015.

Jonathan Jeffrey Adjei/